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A Spacecraft Re-parked By ISS Astronauts So Fedor Could Arrive

The humanoid robot, Fedor, is ferried in an uncrewed Soyuz MS-14 craft, following the ISS (International Space Station). The bot was already deemed to be tied up to the orbiting space station by now, however, a defective automated rendezvous part at the docking port halted his plans. The crew members on the ISS had to turn up with a fast repair. NASA’s Andrew Morgan, the European Space Agency’s Luca Parmitano, and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov stepped into a Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft that was fastened to the station already, departed it, soared it around the space station and reparked it in a distinct position.

A completely functional dock was been freed up for Fedor’s Soyuz owing to spacecraft relocation and now it will dock again with ISS. This solution to the technical anomaly emerged quickly, with merely a day of preparation. In a tweet, Christina Koch of NASA, stated, “Watching in appreciation of the cooperation and agility of international space programs to function through the human spaceflight’s dynamics.” It was the foremost instance in 4 Years that this kind of maneuver has been carried out on the space station, as said by Koch. The Soyuz MS-14 shipped with Fedor along with other supplies called off its actual docking endeavor on August 31. The cosmonauts and astronauts on the ISS will not have to doze with one eye open for extended periods. Fedor is slated to come back in early September to Earth.

Likewise, recently NASA also upgraded the connection of the ISS, efficiently doubling the pace at which it can receive and send information. With its latest connection, now the space station has a 600 Mbps (megabit-per-second) connection, twice the amount of data the orbiting lab can receive and send at any given time point. These updates will also assist in making the route for analogous updates that will be made to the projected Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (also called as Lunar Gateway) of NASA.

Mildred Tunney
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