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Kids Learn Important Life Skills By Playing Rough-And-Tumble With Their Dads

Allegedly, play is an important means for kids to learn about the world near them. Through play, they learn about socialization guidelines, cultural norms, and experiment with various ways to communicate with their environment. But a play amid a child and a father can present different results. It is mostly physical, boisterous, and competitive, and this all has a uniformly important function to play in a kid’s development. Dads are more inclined to engage in active and physical play activities with their children; which is known as rough-and-tumble play.

Mostly, dads engage in activities like playing, wrestling, and throwing their kid into the air. This kind of play is full of challenge and excitement, and if it were not for the clear gratification of both parties, it can sometimes appear a little violent to an outsider. But this play is not just fun. A study has shown that it is also significant for healthy child development. Evidently, rough-and-tumble play is not exclusive to dads only and mums can also involve in such play with their children. In one of the studied the researchers analyzed at the quality of father-child rough-and-tumble play, and kid’s behavioral and emotional issues. The high-quality rough-and-tumble play was stated as being sensitive and warm, playful, and dominance-sharing in nature. The scientists discovered high-quality play was linked to higher levels of prosocial behavior that includes things such as being thoughtful of other people’s emotions and sharing well with others.

On a similar note, recently a researcher studied “the science of dads.” James Rilling—Professor at Emory University—conducted in-depth interviews with 120 new fathers and found that a positive-and-negative-affect level administered to the volunteers before and after the interviews showed how just talking about fatherhood changed their moods. Rilling said, “Most of them experienced a raise in their sentiments about talking on how proud, enthusiastic, and inspired they felt after discussing their experience as a father.”

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