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Beyond Meat Utilizes Climate Change To Sell Fake Meat Substitutes

As apprehensions rise over the risks of a rapid global warming, upstart food organizations are aiming a main climate-damaging food, which is beef. In the recent time, Beyond Meat and its privately held competitor Impossible Foods have grabbed captions and fast-food contracts for their plant-based burgers that create the taste of beef. They have also changed the environmental advantages of refraining from the meat into an important marketing tool for their products and drew some skepticism from environmental activists who state that plant diets are better, planet-friendly, and less carbon-emitting compared to processed plant-based products.

It seems that animal agriculture is accountable for 14.5% of greenhouse emissions globally, as per to the UN’ FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), with 65% of emission coming from dairy cattle and beef. The researchers have warned that climate change will set off a global food crisis unless humans amend the way they use land and manufacture meat. While firms producing imitation meat brag of the environmental benefits, some investigators say that for people wanting to considerably lower their carbon footprint have unprocessed plant-based diets rather than consuming imitation products is healthier. Reportedly, Impossible and Beyond use various sources of proteins to manufacture their meatless meats.

On a similar note, Beyond Meat was in news as the craze and demand for plant-based foods advance meatless job market. Seemingly, the meatless movement is swelling up the job market. Reportedly, owing to new demand for plant-based products of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods has resulted in the creation of over 55,000 jobs across the U.S., a recent report from San Francisco-based PBFA (Plant Based Foods Association) and data company SPINS stated. Americans can anticipate seeing over 1,900 additional jobs to the economy every year, the report found.

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