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Walmart To Strictly Lapse Ammunition Sales After Terrible Shootings

This week, the US-based retailer stores chain, Walmart, announced to terminate all sales of the handgun and short-barrel rifle accessories on its platform. The announcement has come after the two dreadful shooting incidents occurred at Walmart stores a few weeks back.

The retail giant also revealed that it would terminate sales of all types of handguns in Alaska and exclude handguns category from its shopping platform. The retailer is also requesting customers not to bring any firearms at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, even in the states where “open carry” is legal. However, only authorized law enforcement officers can carry arms in the stores. According to Walmart’s recent policies, even the customers with concealed carry permit would not be allowed to carry firearms in stores.

Dan Bartlett—Walmart’s executive vice president of Corporate Affairs—stated that an open carry bill is currently filed in over 26 states.

On the same day of Walmart’s announcement, shares of the gun and its accessories manufacturers fell. The share value of American Outdoor Brands—the parent company of Smith and Wesson—declined by around 4.5%. Vista Outdoor’s shares plunged by 6%. However, Walmart stock grew by 0.3% for that day.

On a similar note, The Journal investigated Amazon and found that the e-commerce behemoth has been approving sales of 4,152 unsafe products at its online marketplace. Over this, FTC (Federal Trade Commissioner) Rohit Chopra tweeted that such activities could push Amazon to threatening circumstances. The Journal made Amazon aware of the safety issues by the sale of hazardous items on the platform, after which the retailer excluded the majority of those listed products.

Besides exclusion, Amazon also explained the protocol of examining enormous items available on the platform for sales. The company responded to The Journal’s story by mentioning that it has designed robust software programs to make sure all the products on the display for sale are safe and compliant.

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