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Urine Test Could Help Diagnose Cancer At The Very Beginning

Researchers are mostly concentrating on finding the simplest, cost-effective, and highly effective treatment for cancer. The most recent discovery is the urine test to diagnose the presence of the killer disease. The researchers hope to detect cancer through the color change in urine in the near future. The trials on the mice have already shown positive results in case of colon cancer. The new test is anticipated to make a new path for a newer diagnostic tool that would not only be cheap but also provide positive results. The detection of cancer in the early stage can help increase the probability of survival and also make better treatment available as soon as possible. The team from Imperial College London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has used this urine test experiment without the need for any expensive and hard-to-use lab instruments.

The smartphone can be used to capture the simple readout and provide it to the caregivers who can help the patient get the necessary treatment. The chemical reaction is found to cause a color change in the mice models with colon tumor. In an hour the appearance of blue color in the urine showed the presence of cancer cells. The use of simple and sensitive colorimetric urinary assay helped make the diagnosis within an hour. Thus, this new approach paves way for rapid detection of diverse types of diseases. Nowadays, the biomarkers are used as a diagnostic tool for cancer detection while MRI scans, blood tests, and a lumbar puncture are some of the other diagnostic methods.

Just like the urine test, another study conducted by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center scientists showed that the checkpoint inhibitors could be used to cross the blood-brain barrier and attack the brain cancer cells that hide themselves using macrophages or T-cell regulators. The scientists found the blood-brain barrier to be the apt target to help fight the most aggressive form of cancer like glioblastoma.

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