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General Motors To Direct Controversial Talks With The United Auto Workers

In the mid of mounting concerns regarding volatile trade deals and an economic recession, General Motors will entirely focus to set the controversial contract negotiations with UAW (the United Auto Workers) this year.

The upcoming negotiations between GM and UAW will be crucial as the union follows pattern bargaining tradition and the negotiations set with the first Detroit company would be nearly similar for the other two automakers.

General Motors stated that it is expecting constructive talks with the worker union to attain a deal that supports a strong bond with its employees. These (Detroit automaker-UAW) discussions are anticipated to be the most controversial from the last ten years. On the other hand, the US is facing additional crisis, including the tense labor market, industries’ downsizing, and significant job cuts.

The wages and other benefits for nearly 158,000 workers depend on this year’s negotiations. The negotiations will also boost investment programs for Detroit Three automakers in the coming years.

On a related note, the destructive Hurricane Dorian seems to be targeting Florida, and automakers are stepping ahead to provide instant and best possible services for the potential victims. General Motors recently announced that the company they will offer free OnStar Crisis Assist services for the owners of its GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac models equipped with OnStar hardware. The services are limited for the owners residing in the impacted region. GM’s crisis services will allow owners to make free calls, hurricane’s real-time location and possible route, search for food, water, and shelter, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other similar services.

It doesn’t matter if the GM vehicle model is 2006 built or latest, OnStar hardware should be equipped in the vehicles to access the services. The potential victims who have GM can access OnStar services without any cost during the hurricane, even if they have never paid earlier for this service.

Besides General Motors, the leading EV manufacturer Tesla also reveals power backup services for the potential victims.

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