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$15M Raised By Muy To Expand Its New Cloud Kitchen Concept

The cloud kitchen craze has been in the air for a while now and Latin America is the latest to observe the trend. Muy, a food-tech startup, sealed the latest $15 Million Series B to spread out into Mexico with the next being Brazil soon. At present, the service is operational in Colombia. One of the investors went on to say Muy is a “cloud kitchen meets Chipotle.” The firm depicts itself as a smart chef and virtual kitchen system that utilizes artificial intelligence to make food based on estimates of demand that can assist in decreasing the wastage of food. Muy, the Spanish translation of which means “very,” enables the users to make tailored orders in one of the physical restaurants of Muy or with a mobile app.

ALLVP, a Mexico-based investor led the round, along with previous financier Seaya. The total funding of Muy has reached $20.5 Million following the $15 Million Series B finding. The concept of Muy also exists as twenty physical dining places presenting what it says are fresh, quick, and tailored dishes. Muy’s Founder Jose Calderon states the firm is serving over 200,000 dishes every month. He mentions that cloud kitchens are positioned to make on-demand ordering and delivery far better in these crowded cities owing to the long travel times that keep the increasing mid-class people out of their houses for extensive duration of 12 H or more.

Likewise, Calderon is no novice to the takeaway experience space. Earlier, $47.7 Million was raised by him for Domicilios, a Colombian online food ordering startup. The sudden increase of delivery applications has kept alternatives competitive for consumers not only in the United States but across Latin America. The crowded roads of São Paulo, Bogotá, Mexico City, and further are packed with motor couriers taking deliveries with UberEATS, Rappi, and the like.

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