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Beijing Says The US’ Entity List Can’t Impact Chinese Tech Advancement

In recent times, China struck a positive tone in the face of new issues from the U.S. to the Asian country’s technological development. In the middle of ongoing trade spats amid the two nations, US President Donald Trump’s government in this year listed Chinese telecommunications titan Huawei—with some supercomputing companies and some top AI (artificial intelligence) firms—on a blacklist. The “entity list” successfully averts those businesses from purchasing from their American vendors. Huang Libin—Spokesperson of China’s MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)—said, “In general, the list can’t damage the rudiments of China’s technological advancement.”

At a press conference Huang further added, “In the face of the U.S., with the guise of trade strains, leading to grim circumstances for our high-tech firms, we are positive that China’s science and technology would be capable of overcoming preliminary issues and break through the blockage of exiting technological development.” Huang said that China will take measures to further open the internet, telecommunications, and automobile industries to offshore investment. In May 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared it may put overseas entities on an “untrustworthy entities list,” but few facts on that list have to yet emerge.

On a related note, earlier, the U.S. administration added Chinese facial recognition companies to the entity list. A total of 28 Chinese firms have been added to the U.S. administration’s “entity list,” counting eight tech businesses that focus on facial recognition, video surveillance, and AI. The government has successfully forbidden them from functioning with and purchasing from vendors in the U.S. over human rights apprehensions. In a filing to be published by the U.S. DOC (Department of Commerce), the administration asserted the companies were blacklisted for the function they have in the “execution of China’s campaign of mass arbitrary detention, repression, and high-technology scrutiny against Kazakhs, Uighurs, and other Muslim minority groups across the Xinjiang province.”

Demetrius Lucero
Managing Editor At Carib World News

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