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Astronomers Predict An Asteroid Attack During Christmas

Astronomers predict that the Earth has an asteroid similar to the size of the World Trade Centre orbiting it and there is high possibility that it may strike the Blue Planet during Christmas festivities. The asteroid is found to be rotating our planet at a speed of 43,200 km/h. The natural phenomenon called the Yarkovsky effect is found to be having an influence on the asteroid’s course. The force is found to be effective when the Sun has its rays falling on the edge of the asteroid during its natural orbiting process. In 2012, the astronomers could spot the effect of sunlight and the rare phenomenon with mastoid 1999RQ36.

The Yarkovsky effect has helped scientists spot the most exact and accurate purpose of an asteroid orbit until now. The asteroids more than 35 Meters are considered to be a threat to our planet and thus, 216258 2006 WH1’s 540 Meter diameter is beyond imagination. The astronomers have not yet used the Torio Impact Hazard Scale to measure the asteroid, but it is definitely going to be listed as a threat when measured. In 1995, the Torino Scale was for the first time brought to the notice of the United Nations. A new version of it was presented in 1999 in a conference held on Near Earth Objects (NEO). The scale has an integer ranging from 0 to 10 and also color-coding patterns that are used to tag the asteroids as a threat or no. The latest asteroid is found to range 10, which means it can cause climatic destruction and destroy civilization by colliding with ocean or land. Such events possibly occur once in every100,000 Years. NASA is relying on telescopes to keep an eye on NEOs passing close to Earth. Till date, 829,361 known asteroids and 3,592 known comets have found to exist in our Solar System and around 20,000 space rocks have been termed as NEOs. The study has shown 216258 2006 WH1 to approach Earth on December 20, 2019.

In a similar context, the astronomers have found an asteroid that wiped off an entire race of dinosaur from the Earth to have possibly caused ocean acidification. This event was found to have killed many marine life forms and also changed the habitability of water during a period of millions of years. The researchers from Yale University have termed the event as K-Pg event and the asteroid is believed to have caused sulfuric acid rains by hitting sulfuric rocks and dropped the pH of the oceans.

Mildred Tunney
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Due to her extreme passion for galaxies, planets, stars, and comets, Mildred chose astronomy as a career path and pursued M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy Degree, and no need to tell, she was the top ranker in her college. Although the subject Mildred selected is a bit complicated, her quality of being detail-oriented has always helped her to make it easy and appealing for common people reading her news. It’s been 3 years now Mildred is active in this field. Along with her exceptional managerial and interpersonal skills, her quality of being down-to-earth has always attracted Carib World News team members the most.

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