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Chicxulub Asteroid Is Assumed To Have Wiped Of Lives Millions Of Years Back

Astronomers have recently found that around 66 million years ago an asteroid had struck across 6 Miles of Mexico. Thus, modern-day Mexico is not what it used to look back those days. The impact had caused wildfires that spread up to thousands of miles and lastly, led to a mile-high tsunami. The entire event had led to the emission of billions of tons of sulfur into the atmosphere. From the moment the asteroid came in contact with the Earth’s surface, it had created a hole approximately 100 Miles wide into the seafloor. The Chicxulub asteroid had formed a boiling pit of super-hot gas and molten rock.

All the contents in the pit had caused a fountain of fiery components that formed plumes and lastly, triggered acid rains across the oceans. The catastrophic events on land after the asteroid attack were found to have caused mass extinction of almost 75% of life forms on Earth including the dinosaurs. The facts about ocean species extinction are still unclear. The acid rains are possibly believed to have been the killer as per the study published in journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The intense acidification in the oceans was found to have disrupted marine food webs and also caused mass extinction. The ecosystems have been found to have completely transformed over millions of years.

Similarly, astronomers suppose that Earth will have to face another asteroid attack this Christmas. The asteroid going to hit the planet is almost the size of the World Trade Centre. Generally, asteroids more than 35 Meters are considered to be a threat and thus, 216258 2006 WH1 which is 540 Meters in diameter is beyond imagination. The asteroid is headed our way at a speed of 43,200 km/h. The natural phenomenon called the Yarkovsky effect along with the Sun rays on the asteroid during its normal course is found to have complete influence on the asteroid’s path.

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