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BCAS Official States To Issue Anti-Drone Rules Soon

Regulations will be issued within a week by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the Aviation security regulator, to deal with any rogue drones in the nation, as said by a senior official. Maheshwar Dayal, the BCAS Deputy Director General, stated the “anti-drone” stipulations will be issued in “less than a week’s period. It’s in the last stages. I deem it’ll be a significant step toward safe skies in a very verbatim sense.” Dayal said so at an event “Smart Safe Secure Skies” organized by FICCI and Thales, French electronics conglomerate.

BCAS Director General Rakesh Asthana, on August 1, had stated a committee was established by the Civil Aviation Ministry to discover the best accessible counter-drone solutions to defend civil aviation against likely drone bouts in India. Ankit Mehta, a FICCI committee’s Co-Chair on drones, stated the digit of unlawful drones in the country is estimated to be between 50,000 and 60,000.

To operate drones, a Unique Identification Number (UIN) has to be obtained by the firms from the aviation watchdog DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), according to the laws in India. Also, the DGCA has instructed that the firms to assure that their drones are “No Permission No Takeoff (NPNT)” acquiescent, which makes it obligatory that prior to every drone maneuver, an online consent is obtained by the firm from the watchdog.

On the other hand, CVS is the most recent drug store to use drone for delivering products. The pharmacy chain is collaborating with UPS—that has obtained a Federal Aviation Administration license to perform limited drone deliveries. There are noteworthy regulatory obstacles prior to drone delivery turns to be a mainstream. The FAA is crafting essential guidelines, such as giving authorities a means to classify drones distantly. UPS and CVS haven’t stated where or when deliveries will start, or how many will be performed.

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