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$12M Raised By EV Connect, An Electric Vehicle Charging Software Firm

In a Series B round, $12 million has been raised by the Los Angeles-situated firm, EV Connect, which sells software to handle electric vehicle charging. The round was directed by financiers Ecosystem Integrity Fund and Mitsui & Co. So far, $25 Million has been raised by the firm. The cloud-based platform of EV Connect has an open standard design that is developed to be hardware agnostic. EV Connect, in other words, intends to offer a range of hardware vendors a means to supervise, handle, and uphold charging stations. The ultimate objective is to shove the industry away from a bunged and patchy system to a more open one, as per Jordan Ramer, the Founder and CEO of EV Connect.

A two-tiered approach has been implemented by EV Connect. The firm offers and handles 1,000 electric vehicle charging locations via its EV Connect system. It has a smartphone application to offer electric vehicles’ drivers real-time access to the status of the charging station. Also, it vends a cloud-based software platform that can be tailored by businesses. Customers comprise Marriott, Yahoo!, Western Digital, Hilton, New York Power Authority, and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

EV Connect and Mitsui, as the round’s part, have settled on to establish EV charging infrastructure’s new business models. EV Connect intends to function with Mitsui on several purposes of EV charging to slash the charge of charging and enhance its utilization, comprising energy and fleet management solutions, as said by Ramer.

Likewise, Bird, an electric scooter startup, in June, declared that it would be introducing a latest moped-style EV named the Bird Cruiser. The moped, at present, can be seen functioning around Los Angeles—however, under Scoot brand of Bird and not its own. The engineering and design of moped of Scoot were founded on the Bird Cruiser that has been recently speckled near Santa Monica headquarters of Bird. Both mopeds appear very identical to a moped-style electric bike, Juiced Scorpion, rolled out by the San Diego-based firm in September.

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