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California Has A New App Developed To Circulate Alert Messages

The warning systems that have been sending out alert messages for seismic events for past few years in Mexico and Japan have inspired engineers in California. However, this kind of set up has been waited for long in California. Thus, statewide Earthquake Early Warning System will be introduced for the first time that too online. The alert systems have been available only in LA County despite no signs of any such events there. It was the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake and it was during this event the tremor under the Santa Cruz Mountains took 35 Seconds to reach the northern edge of San Francisco.

Thus, California’s ShakeAlert system is similarly assumed to help predict earthquakes but instead can rely on monitoring systems to send out messages using the MyShake app or Wireless Emergency Alerts. This will help people save some time to ready themselves before the quake’s energy reaches them. In Central California and Bay Area, quakes of magnitude 4.7 and 4.5 were observed, respectively, this week. Thus, the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Director Richard Allen has found median time between the detection and alert message circulation on the test phones to be 1.6 Seconds or 2.1 Seconds. The messages cannot be trusted after the LA users reported no messages being circulated at the time of quakes in July. The chances of messages being circulated in case of quakes with a magnitude of 4.5 and Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) of 3 is very less.

On a similar note, Apple has taken the earthquake calamity so seriously that it has built its headquarter in Silicon Valley with a base-isolation technology concept. The basement of the building has a protective seismic system to help save the employees and other individuals in the building. The building built on a saucer can move in any direction to avoid collapsing. The Japanese engineers have helped built the headquarters using the technologies used in Japan.

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