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Reducing childhood trauma can help reduce risk of diseases

The trauma during childhood can cause many serious health issues all through the life and is an issue for public health which needs to be addressed immediately. This has been a major takeaway from a report which had been published on Tuesday from the CDC.

The experience of a traumatic thing in childhood puts a person at the risk of a health effect which is going to last the life long as per a body which had been researching about the same. The new report of CDC has confirmed this after having found that the Americans who had been through an adverse childhood experience which is commonly known as ACE had been at a higher risk of losing their life to the top 5 biggest causes of death.

The ones who had been through bad experiences such as neglect or abuse or witnessing violence at home or even growing up in  a house which had problems of substance abuse or other mental health issues were at a bigger risk of being vulnerable to the diseases.

In the United States, one of every six people had experienced four or more different types of adverse experiences in their childhood as per the report

That is the reason behind the principal deputy director of CDC saying that it is important to prevent such experiences in the childhood and reduce their impact on the individuals.

The reduction of the ACE can possibly help people thrive and help lower the risks of the conditions like cancer, asthma, depression and diabetes.

This new report has presented the first estimates of the number of Americans who had been affected by ACE and also listed the potential benefits preventing this trauma can offer.

Judith Sheley
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