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On Monday, N.V. has said that it is planning to proceed with an all-share offer worth $5.59 billion for the Just Eat PLC. which is listed in Amsterdam has reached an agreement to merge with its peer based out of London in the month of August through a scheme of arrangement. During that time, the deal had been valued at an amount of 731 pence for a share. However the shares of Takeaway have seen a fall. So the amount has seen a rework by and hence this offer has been given on Monday.

Just Eat has subsequently rejected an offer by Prosus NV which according to them was 710 pence per share in cash. The offer was rejected reportedly on the grounds of the amount offered being less.

On Monday, had said that the offer it has made to Just Eat is going to increase the deal definitely. It has said that a combination is offering a future value which is by a distance superior to both and Just Eat separately and also to the offer which had been made by Prosus particularly.

By the implementation of the offer by instead of a scheme of agreement, is going to provide the shareholders of Just Eat with a deal that is increased certainly according to

Takeaway has put a condition for the acceptance of the offer of at least 75 % of the shares of Just Eat being accepted.

The offer of has been formally acknowledged by Just Eat. Furthermore, the board of Just Eat has been pro-active in recommending unanimously to the shareholders that they accept this offer.

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