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North Carolina has an yeast in his body which produces alcohol.

A man from North Carolina had been pulled over the suspicion of drunk driving and he maintained to the police that he had not consumed any alcohol which was an argument that was not accepted by the police.

The man who is in his 40s had at the time refused to take the test of breathalyzer and had been taken to hospital for the initial alcohol level in the blood had been found to be 0.2% which was 2.5 times the limit legally and an equivalent of consumption of 10 drinks in one hour. Despite the claiming vehemently that he had no alcohol and even the doctors had not believed him too.

However Richmond University researchers had eventually found out that the man had been speaking the truth. He had not been drinking alcohol and instead a yeast in the gut had been converting the carbohydrates he consumes to alcohol.

The findings had been reported in a study  where it was revealed that the man had been diagnosed rarely with the medical condition which is known as the gut fermentation syndrome or the auto-brewery system.

The system occurs when this yeast present in the person’s gastrointestinal tract had caused his body to change the ingested carbohydrates into alcohol. This occurs in the upper tract which is inclusive of the stomach and the small intestine’s first part.

The patients exactly have the same implications which are observed in alcoholism. The smell, drowsiness, breath and other changes are same according to the lead author of the study.

The treatment for this can be done by the antifungal medicines which the intoxications can be dealt with if the yeast is eliminated.

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