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Huawei Triumphs against Trade Restriction Imposed by the U.S

Huawei has been resilient and successful against the U.S. trade ban imposed on the company.

The company continues to produce good revenue and sales. It is expected that exports will touch around 240 million smartphones by the end of this year.

Ren Zhengei, the CEO and founder of Huawei, says that his company has not had any serious repercussions from the trade ban imposed on it. However, it would be fine if there was an open collaboration with U.S. suppliers.

Zhengei states that all steps will be taken to keep Huawei sustainable, even if the trade conflict continues. Under the current regulations, Huawei has been able to produce good revenue and next year, the results will improve even further, he says.

As the leading telecom equipment maker, Ren has propelled Huawei to become the No.2 smartphone producer. He claims that the ban on Huawei has made the company work harder to be more self-reliant.

Huawei had been on the U.S. entity list by which it was not allowed to use American technology. This had forced Huawei to develop its resources more and to look to other alternatives for its products other than the U.S.

The company has shown impressive growth in China through domestic support. Its market share has grown to 42 percent in China for the quarter ended in September.

We have survived the sanctions and we will continue to grow, says Ren. We can sell between 240 million and 250 million smartphones by the end of 2019, he says. This is a 21 percent increase from 2018. We will continue with our position as No.2 phone maker in the world and the leading telecom equipment producer in the world, he says.

Regarding the back-door access that Huawei has been accused of, Ren says that Huawei follows government regulations to protect information security. He adds that Huawei is an equipment provider, and does not deal with data.

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