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Facebook Confirms App Developers Got Member Info From Groups

Facebook turned out to be a lot more severe with the type of user data app developers can use after the Cambridge Analytica scam. In April last year, it launched out alterations to its Group API so that when an admin authorizes an application for a Group, its creators can only view the name of the Group, its post content, and its number of consumers. Before the alteration, developers can also view the members’ names and their profile pic. The social media firm has disclosed, on the other hand, that some apps retained access to profile pics and names of member even after the alterations—further, almost 100 developers might have accessed those data improperly since then.

Facebook claimed it has already eliminated the access of apps to photos and names of the Group members. Those apps were majorly for controlling video streaming and social media services, such as those employed by firms to offer online customer support. The firm has also reached out to the 100 creators, asking them to remove member info they might have retained.

While Facebook thinks that the actual amount of developers that used member info is probably less than 100—and claims it discovered no proof of abuse—it has verified that 11 associates did access photos and names of Group members within the past 60 Days. To make certain that the developers actually do remove the user data they accessed, the firm promises to carry out audits for confirmation.

On a related note, Facebook is not completely showing back from facial recognition, it appears. Jane Manchun Wong (Code explorer) has found a reference to a supposed facial recognition system in mobile app of Facebook that might confirm your identity. You would have to snap a “video selfie” where you see in various directions to offer Facebook a more absolute view of your face.

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