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T-Mobile Launches $15 5G Plan And Other Post-Merger Programs

If and when it rolls out its 5G network in December, T-Mobile will provide a new monthly $15 prepaid 5G plan to users. The plan will comprise a data allowance of monthly 2GB, apart from unlimited text and talk. For $15, the plan is 50% the cost of T-Mobile’s present cheapest plan. For monthly $25, users can update to a plan with monthly 5GB of data. In addition to this, T-Mobile claims it will include 500MB of data to both plans yearly for almost 5 Years.

At first instance, the two rate plans appear similar to a great deal, but there are a few things to remember. Even with T-Mobile including to the monthly info allotment, you will burn via your data allowance quicker as compared to you might on an LTE connection. In addition to this, to take benefit of those 5G speeds, you will require purchasing one of the two 5G handsets T-Mobile aims to provide in December, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G McLaren or the Note 10+ 5G. Off record, the carrier aims to sell the OP7 Pro with a price tag of $669 to begin. That is more than most individuals in the market for a prepaid plan need to shell out on a new handset.

Similar to the expansive 5G rollout of the carrier, the roll out of T-Mobile Connect is reliant on its possible amalgamation with Sprint going through. While both the Justice Department and the FCC have accepted the deal, a group of state AGs claims they deny it.

Together with Connect, T-Mobile also declared a 10-year promise to offering first responders with free access to 5G. The carrier claims it will offer each first responder at every non-profit and public local and state police, EMS and fire agency a free 5G plan with unlimited text, talk, and data as fraction of its Connecting Heroes Initiative.

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