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Smoking may increase the risk of mental health problems-Study

Smoking cigarettes is not only injurious to the lungs and heart any ore as scientists have discovered it could also be the cause for mental health problems like mental depression, fatigue, and schizophrenia.

Earlier it was known that people addicted to smoking are more prone to suffer from mental health problems but it was unsure whether smoking alone could be a factor in the cropping up of such diseases or it was just a form of self-medication among those persons already suffering from poor mental health.

The objective of the recent study was to make smokers beware of this new problem associated with smoking too much so that the heavy smokers can reduce their smoking and the ones looking to get into this addiction stay far away because of this new mental health problem. The other effects it has on the heart and the lungs are already known.

Also, people already having some form of mental illness could become even worse if they are addicted to smoking. The end results of the experiments and analysis conducted were that higher levels of smoking are linked to a greater risk of depression and other mental health-related problems.

The ream was also studying whether the opposite of this holds true. That is, whether people having mental problems are generally addicted to smoking. Although the scientists found some evidence there was not much to prove it. However, while conducting the studies of all the genetic variants were taken from Europe only.

One of the possibilities is that the extra nicotine influences the nerve cells and they are not able to function properly. Nicotine is also found in e-cigarettes. The use of Cannabis could be used to explain things as high strength cannabis also cause mental problems.

Nowadays smoking is a very common phenomenon among the younger generation of both boys and girls.

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