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Humans on the brink of a nutritional revolution, doctors claim

Doctors and nutritionists believe that humans in the future will be fitted with sensory devices like chips to calculate their optimum diet. The use of high-tech monitors will be done to understand our genetic background and any pre-existing medical condition.

It will be used to track all the essential biometrics of our body like the rate of metabolism and thus find out the exact amount of macro and micronutrients our body needs each day to remain healthy. The concept of goods foods and healthy diet which is good for all will vanish and customized diet and nutrition will be calculated for each person by these devices.

These devices will test the person’s DNA and genes and on the basis of that data, the dietary chart of that person will be prepared. This essentially means that the diet of each person and the food items he/she consumes in any meal from breakfast to dinner will be different for all the persons.

A survey was conducted on 2,000 adults and it was found that 27% of them have meals just because they know that they are totally healthy and consume just about anything while another 24% cited various health issues due to which they have to be particularly selective while choosing a food item.

People also believed that in the future the concept of foods which are packed or are made by a food shop will be reduced by a fair margin as people will be highly conscious about their diet and will only consume food which is made at home using freshly bought items from the market.

Doctors also believe that dinner time will be the time when all the members of a family will socialize with each other and spend less time watching TV while having a meal. It will be a time when they spend some time talking with their friends and family members.

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