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Pandora Includes Podcasts To Its Desktop App And Web Player

In 2018, Pandora launched a library of podcasts that has developed to thousands from hundreds of shows. While the service provided many of the most well-liked series, the main point was that support was restricted to the firm’s mobile applications. To make it simpler for users to level up with their preferred podcasts, Pandora has included the episodic content to its web player and desktop app, which is accessible to both paid and free consumers.

Podcasts have been flourishing over the past few years—Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, and plethora of others have been developing out their services while Pandora appeared to grapple. The firm expects to distinguish itself with the Podcast Genome Project, which employs a mixture of manual curation and algorithms to recommend both individual episodes and shows to hear. Pandora also provides some exclusive series from SiriusXM hosts such as Hoda Kotb and Kevin Hart, and forthcoming scripted series on the basis of superheroes from Marvel.

With Pandora having played next swindle to Spotify for quite some time, the firm might require additional impressive tools to lure in consumers and retaining current ones. That stated, convenience and selection are 2 of the more essential components for streaming platforms to cover, and Pandora appears to be pushing more into both those ends.

On a related note, after creating 2 podcasts with Stitcher, Marvel aims to expand greatly its audio output in a decision that the firm is defining as its “most comprehensive podcast agreement ever.” Beginning 2020, the media behemoth aims to make 5 new scripted shows, apart from various unscripted ones, for Pandora and SiriusXM.

Every scripted show will be run for 10 episodes. In return, the first 4 will aim on Hawkeye, Wolverine, Star-Lord, and Black Widow, with the final and fifth series witnessing the 4 superheroes joining hands.

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