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Google will no longer hold weekly all-hands meetings amid growing workplace tensions

Google will no longer hold one of its best-known features in the workplace the TGIF or the weekly all-hands meeting. Speaking to the media the company’s Sundar Pichai CEO told that it will instead hold all-hands monthly meetings.

The meetings are focused on products, new launches, business strategy, and employee issues. Due to some employee issues, it will now remove the employee issues from its TGIF meeting agenda. The employee issues will be addressed in separate meetings.

These meetings called the TGIF meetings were first started by the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1999 where the employees could discuss various issues and on product and business topics freely with open management. But at that time the company size was small. Recently, the meetings have been held every two weeks instead of the normal weekly mode. Also, Page and Brin rarely attend the meetings.

The company is basically putting boundaries to the open work culture that has been synonymous with Google. Recently the meetings have been more concerned with employee issues like sexual harassment, government hires, and contracts. Some of the employees have also leaked information to the media which has also led to tension in the work culture between the executives and the workers.

It already has put a ban on political discussions on its internal messaging forums. CEO Pichai says that the company is concerned with employee trust. Pichai has also been highly disturbed by the recent information leaks done by the employees to the media.

Pichai also remarked that only around 20% of the employees watch the TGIF nowadays compared to about 80% a decade ago.

He says that many employees come in the meetings with various expectations some are more concentrated on the business parameters like product launches and strategies while others are more concentrated on voicing their issues only.

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