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Catan AR Title Might Ride On Niantic’s Technology

If you are Niantic and you are aiming for a follow-up to AR hits such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go, what well-known property do you operate with moving forward? It seems that, the answer is a complex board game. Source code sleuths, a product page, and media tipsters recommend that Niantic is joining hands on Catan: World Explorers, an AR game revolving around the classic colony-developing game Settlers of Catan. While the mechanics of the game are not fully clear, it seems like it actually is an effort to add basic formula of Niantic into Catan’s realm of road building, hexagonal grids, and resource trading.

Neither creators of Catan nor Niantic have formally established their venture or set a launch date, but the fingerprints of Niantic can be seen in the code. Media also claimed that it verified the partnership from sources within Niantic. Owners of Catan had acknowledged the existence of game in late October, but not the connection with Niantic.

This possibly will not be a runaway hit similar to some of properties by Niantic. There are only a number of people who are both mobile gamers and enthusiastic Catan users. On the other hand, that is not essentially the objective. Niantic has been slowly placing itself as an AR service apart from a game studio. It does not have to be concerned so much about making dynamite titles of its own as it does compelling others to make titles employing its tech. Even if Harry Potter and Pokémon ultimately fizzle out, Niantic will be pleased if it turns out to be the go-to preference whenever somebody needs to make an AR game.

On a related note, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite got gifting from Niantic. The next time you open the AR title, you will be capable of finding different colored boxes at the game’s fortresses, inns, and greenhouses.

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