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The Newest AI Experiment By Google Lets You To Explore Fashion Via Color

We have seen Google impose its knowledge in AI in a series of different areas, comprising the science of scent. Now the firm claims it needs to see what machine learning and AI can do when applied to creative areas such as dance and fashion. To that part, Google has made two new experimental web applications that you can try via the firm’s Arts and Culture application—accessible on the web, as well as Android and iOS.

Runway Palette, the first app, arranges the work by color of nearly 1,000 different fashion designers. Google claims it collaborated with a publication dubbed as Business of Fashion to make the app. With the assistance of BoF’s photo compilation, which comprises over 140,000 pics from almost 4,000 fashion shows, Google employed an ML algorithm to arrange all the pictured outfits by color. You can check the archive in one of two methods. You can either click via the extremely cool interactive visualization feature the firm made, or you can snap a piece of garments and the app will display you analogous looks.

The next app is a dance choreography app dubbed as Living Archive. Similar to the Runway Palette, it is fundamentally an archive, however in this case, it gathers almost 0.5 Million poses generated by Wayne McGregor (the famous British choreographer). You can employ the tool to create and capture your dance routines. As per Google, McGregor’s studio employed the tool this early July to assist with the creative procedure for a show they revealed at the LA Music Center.

Google is not the only big tech firm to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to more creative fields such as fashion. In September, Facebook showed an AI feature that can assist you know how to change your outfit to make it more fashionable. And we will possibly see AI applied to even more creative ventures in the coming period.

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