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VW’s Factory Race Teams Will Completely Drive Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen might have a long way ahead before its road-going vehicles turn into electric models, but its racing department does not have to hang out that long. The German firm has disclosed that its motorsport division will drop “factory-supported promises” to race vehicles with combustion engines—it is either nothing or electric. Customer sports will carry on, but the firm is scaling back there too. While you will still see the firm create the Polo GTI R5 for user groups, manufacture for the track-based Golf GTI TCR will conclude by the end of this year.

Apart from the ID.R, VW hopes to depend on vehicles employing its electric-based MEB service for future rivalry.

You can see this arriving when the firm has more and more marketed the ID.R as its flagship race vehicle. It is also comparatively simpler for VW to fall back of gas-based racing considering its investment level. The firm’s motorsport division is best recognized for its rally vehicles, touring vehicles, and nothing much. A jump to EVs may be significantly difficult for competitors such as Mercedes that have profound investments in competitions such as Formula 1. Considering that, VW itself still has solid commitments to gas-supported racing via Porsche and Audi.

It is still a major decision, although. This is a major firm getting rid of conventional engines for its factory groups. It is also not fully shocking considering the firm’s long-term plan. Car manufacturers normally employ motorsport both as a research platform for technology and as a marketing tool that ultimately makes its way to daily cars. If the firm is going to sell and preserve its increasing electrification plans, its racing division requires leading the way—and that indicates getting rid of traditional race vehicles years before its normal vehicles make the switch.

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