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Coursera’s First Purchase, Rhyme Softworks, Will Support New Coursera Labs

Coursera, the fast-growing online education platform linked to nearly 190 universities, has now reached a valuation of over $1 billion. The company is also tied to some big names such as Google. Currently, it is offering around 3,600 courses online, fascinating 43 Million learners. Now, the company has decided to take some crucial steps regarding its expansion.

Coursera has accomplished its milestone with its first procurement of a startup, Rhyme Softworks. The startup has developed a platform that allows developers to design interactive, virtual e-learning programs, which users can access on the World Wide Web. In addition to this, the education platform has planned to introduce an innovative offering, termed as Coursera Labs. The new service will allow industry partners and educational institutions to develop their own interactive learning projects, partially backed by the technology used by Rhyme Softworks.

The concept behind setting up Coursera Labs is to make the platform more customizable and flexible. The platform particularly targeted those courses, which have enduring project and development components, such as mathematics, programming, or maybe marketing-based projects.

With this novel approach, the company would soon obtain enough content that it will need human assistance to effectively deliver that content to globally existing learners.

On a related note, the corrupted education system has been holding back the intelligent and deserving students to enter the competitive colleges and institutes. This is because wealthy people have been illicitly using their money and power to admit their not-so-academic children in the leading universities. A few cases regarding illegal admissions were exposed earlier this year.

To guide those deserving students, a New Zealand-based company, Crimson Education, has created a platform through which scholars can contact consultants and ask for doubts and opinions regarding different universities. A few days back, the startup grabbed $5 Million in a recent fundraising round.

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