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Amgen Agrees To Purchase Rights Of Otezla In A $13.4 Billion Deal

Reportedly, Amgen has agreed to take over the global rights to Otezla—a medication used to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis—for a whopping $13.4 Billion in cash deal, Bristol Myers Squibb stated recently. The contract was related to Bristol-Myers Squibb’s acquisition with the Celgene Corporation, which is giving its rights to Otezla for gaining regulatory sanction for the merger. In a statement, the New-York-based pharmaceutical company said that the sale of Otezla to Amgen “is reliant on Celgene and Bristol-Myers Squibb entering into an approval judgment with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in a context with their pending merger. Giovanni Caforio—Bristol-Myers Squibb’s CEO and Chairman—said, “This agreement characterizes a significant step toward completing the pending union with Celgene.”

The company reported that it now anticipates its merger with Celgene, worth $74 Billion in cash and stocks, to conclude by this end. It stated it will use proceeds of the Otezla sale to decrease the debt. It publicized that it is surging a share buy-back to $7 Billion from $5 Billion. Under the Otezla deal, Celgene employees committed to Otezla will shift to Amgen as so the intellectual property and patents. Caforio asserted that Amgen “has the infrastructure and abilities to continue to support this vital medicine and make sure a seamless transition for healthcare providers and patients.”

Lately, Amgen was in news as its stock advanced after the company agreed to purchase Celgene’s top-selling anti-inflammatory drug Otezla. The shares of Amgen popped by 3% in the recent time after the company reported it would purchase psoriasis drug Otezla from Celgene. Analysts were excited about the purchase by Amgen, with Jefferies’ Michael Yee stated it as a “constructive and smart deal” and raised his proceeds estimate for 2020 from $23 Billion to $25.2 Billion.

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