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Childhood Cancer Patients At Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

Reportedly, the survivors of childhood cancer have a greater peril of having a range of heart disease owing to cancer therapy, as per to new research. Most of the studies earlier on this survivor group has aimed at the heart failure linked to anthracyclines, which is a class of chemotherapy drugs utilized to cure many types of cancer. For this new research, scientists utilized statistics from Ontario’s health care system to analyze the complete range of heart disease subtypes in around 7,300 childhood cancer survivors—identified with cancer at age of 7—compared to over 36,000 individuals of the same age, gender and without cancer. The research was published in the AHA’s (American Heart Association) journal Circulation.

The heart disease study included arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, valve abnormalities, pericardial disease, and heart failure. The scientists discovered that, even at reasonably young ages, childhood cancer patients had a threefold increased risk for any cardiac incident and at least a tenfold surged risk for heart failure in comparison to their cancer-free equivalents. In addition, the patients subjected to a high dose of anthracycline chemotherapy, plus those identified with hypertension, diabetes, or both, are notably more inclined to encounter heart disease as adults.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that breast cancer patients face augmented risk of heart disease. Owing to advanced medical treatments, women identified with breast cancer these days will possibly survive the disease. Nonetheless, some treatment alternatives put these women at higher risk for several other health problems. New research out of Brazil showed that postmenopausal women having breast cancer are at higher peril for developing heart disease. The findings of research were published in the NAMS’s (North American Menopause Society) journal Menopause. Reportedly, cardiovascular disease is the major cause of deaths in postmenopausal women.

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