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Autonomous AI-Powered System Can Help In Disease Diagnosis

As the existing healthcare devices, such as wearable fitness trackers and sensors, are not enough to regulate and examine health. Moreover, the current technology is not effective enough to collect and save the medical records of every person. Therefore, all the healthcare professionals are hoping for the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to diagnose different types of diseases in an instance.

Recently, MIT researchers have designed an AI-powered system, which could recognize signs autonomously associated with the disease. Instead of extensively training system algorithms, the researchers collected the data from a limited number of individuals and stored in that system.

The team gathered the data through an accelerometer adhered to the necks of 100 individuals over a period of one week. Throughout the week, the accelerometer concentrated on understanding the audio signs of vocal cord dysfunctioning. With the help of AI capabilities, the system autonomously recognized the specific sounds that could help to identify if a patient has been suffering from vocal cord nodules.

On a similar note, another team of researchers had tried to develop a non-invasive method in order to precisely identify if breast cancer comprises malignant or benign tissues. They designed an AI-powered system that would use scanned images to identify tumor type.

University of Southern California researchers used 12,000 scanned imitated images of breast cancer to train the algorithm, known as a deep convolution network. After storing the trained data, the algorithm analyzed the imitated images with 100% accuracy. After that, the team examined the authentic scanned results. They tried to analyze 10 scans using the trained algorithm, on which it revealed that the five scans had benign tumors and the remaining five had malignant tumors.

The algorithm was not able to detect the actual scans with an accuracy of 80%, which is not enough for the technology to be commercially launched.

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