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Canada’s Biggest Solar Project Gets Approval For Construction, Operations

Reportedly, a 400-Megawatt solar facility is anticipated to be the biggest operating solar energy project in Canada and is one step nearer following the Alberta Utilities Commission sanctioned approval for its building and operation. During an announcement, Greengate Power stated that construction on the Travers Solar project will commence in 2020, with commercial maneuvers scheduled for 2021. Greengate reported that the photovoltaic facility can provide electricity to more than 100,000 homes. The project is located in Vulcan County, Alberta. The photovoltaic is the process of directly transferring light energy from the Sun to electricity. In a statement, Dan Balaban—Greengate’s CEO—said, “We are very thrilled to have received sanction for what we anticipate will be largest solar energy project in Canada and one of the biggest in the world.”

Balaban added, “We hope that Travers Solar will present some significant employment, investment, and clean renewable energy to Alberta whilst supporting the province’s position as a global leader in energy and environment.” Across Canada, the solar photovoltaic capacity was at 3,040 Megawatt in 2018, with most of it situated in Ontario, as per to NRCan (Natural Resources Canada). Currently, the country’s largest photovoltaic farms comprise the Grand Renewable Energy Park and the Sol-Luce Kingston unit, which have a capacity of 100 Megawatt. On the contrary, Canada’s hydroelectricity capacity stood as 80,764 Megawatt in 2017.

Speaking of the sustainable environment, for fulfilling future energy demands, India is taking measures toward sustainability. Reportedly, India is home to over 1 Billion people and has huge political, economical, and cultural force when it comes to renewable energy. The country’s government led by Narendra Modi—Prime Minister of India—has ambitious plans. In June 2019, Anand Kumar—Secretary of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (India)—stated that the country proposed to have 500 Gigawatts of renewable energy facility by the end of 2030.

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