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Arecibo Observatory Receives $19 Million Grant From NASA To Study Asteroids

In recent time, NASA invested nearly $19 Million in the Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico to seek knowledge about asteroids. NASA awarded the UCF (University of Central Florida) a 4-Year grant to characterize and observe NEOs (near-Earth objects) that are a potential threat to the Earth or that can be candidates for prospect space operations. The observatory is home to most of the sensitive and powerful planetary radar system across the globe, which means it is also an unusual tool available to examine NEOs, like comets and asteroids.

The knowledge aids NASA to determine which objects are significant risks and how to or when to diminish them. NASA executives can also utilize the information to find out which objects are viable for science operations, landing on an asteroid is not likewise easy for all of them. The information that observatory presented about asteroid Bennu is one of the aspects that caused NASA to choose the OSIRIS-REx operation for funding. The NASA grant to USF would be utilized for upgrades, operations, and maintenance of the radar system that directly links to the Arecibo Planetary Radar Group, which causes this work. The team will spend minimum 800 Hours every year for analyzing NEOs throughout the grant period.

Recently, NASA was in news as its JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) was assembled completely. The engineers have put together both of the halves of the $9.7 Billion JWST, which is planned to launch during March 2021, NASA executives declared in the last week. In a statement, Bill Ochs—JWST Project Manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland—said, “The arrangement of the telescope and its scientific devices, sun shield and the spaceship into one observatory shows incredible attainment by the entire Webb team.”

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