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Toyota Will Halt Production At UK Plant The Day After Brexit

The renowned Japanese automaker Toyota has decided that it would not build cars at its British production facility the day after Britain departs from the European Union. It is one of the parts of plans to regulate any interruption from a possibly disorganized Brexit.

The automobile sector, Britain’s major exporting sector, has been one of the highly raucous rivals of a no-deal Brexit. The automobiles’ production sector is at the verge of being hit with tariffs, border crossing delays, and the recently appointed bureaucracy, which are considerably hindering the operations in production units.

Boris Johnson—British Prime Minister—has assured that Britain would have to leave the European Union at the end of October 2019 with or without any negotiation.

Last year, Toyota’s contribution to building a fleet of 1.52 million cars for Britain was just over 8%. Earlier this year, Toyota started manufacturing its new Corolla model at Burnaston factory earlier this year. The automaker would halt the production for three days from November 1, on the first day of Brexit, according to the company’s spokesperson.

Besides, Toyota revealed that there would be no loss in the volume due to the halt in manufacturing.

On a related note, the Chinese state agency MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) recently announced that the nation would exempt Tesla from already imposed purchase tariffs on its EVs. The agency has taken a sudden decision even in the middle of trade clashes with the US.

The purchase tax relief would significantly drive Tesla sales in China as the price of Tesla models will decline by up to $13,957.82 (99,000 Yuan). MIIT release a document mentioning all the sixteen Tesla model variants, including Model X, S, and 3, that are available in China.

The government has not given any specified reason for excluding Tesla from the automobile purchase tariffs. However, this spontaneous step indicates some association with the establishment of the new Tesla factory in Shanghai.

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