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China Can Be The First One Globally To Roll Out Pilotless Passenger Drones

In the recent time, Chinese startup Ehang stated that its independent passenger drones can soon be soaring in the skies of China’s largest cities, making the nation one of the first worldwide to begin such a project. Ehang publicized a pilot project through the city Guangzhou, in which it intends to set up 3–4 regular flight ways for passengers, Derrick Xiong—Ehang’s Co-Founder—said to CNBC. That can roll out either in this year or in next year, Xiong said. If that occurs, China will be the first nation to conduct such a program where commuters are capable of traveling in self-directed flying vehicles.

Other places such as Dubai are also expecting to carry out such tests, but have not publicized plans that resemble Guangzhou’s. Apparently, Ehang is not the only firm pushing forth self-regulating drones. Both Boeing and Airbus have tested their individual versions of this technology in the last 2 Years, whereas German startup Lilium is another key player in the race. For many of such companies, their idea is a world full of flying taxis that are capable of providing a new type of urban transport, principally in regions where traffic is a big problem.

Recently, Ehang was in news for achieving the first certificate of UAS (unmanned aircraft system) safety for AAVs (autonomous aerial vehicles). Ehang declared that it has become one of the first companies worldwide to obtain certificate of UAS security level II for AAVs with tests of the UAS fence. The documentation was awarded by the CAST (China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology) and was globally recognized amongst the member organizations of the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment). The tests revealed that the non-passenger-grade EHang Falcon and the passenger-grade EHang 216 can involuntarily identify the UAS barrier by vigilance and avoid it by landing off, floating, or returning before going into the restricted area.

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