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About Us

With a worldwide presence as a well-known and reliable source of news, Carib World News continues to be one of the most followed news websites from the worldwide readers of all age groups. We believe that the key reason behind this overwhelming success is our clear-cut vision, devoted team members, and maintained values. Carib World News platform is proud to be one of the most trusted and influential news portals due to its consistent services that focus on offering global and local news & views on all events in key domains such as Health, Science, Technology, and Business.

We are one of the key pillars of society and trust in making people aware of all the nearby and global events passionately with no compromise on our set of standards and values defined at the time of our platform’s launch. The staff members at our news platform are aimed at providing the best-in-class services to our readers. We provide news updates to all types of readers, be it a beginner or a professional in the specific domain.

We believe that education is a key to unlock human potential as it is responsible for an individual’s as well as an organization’s success by triggering new ideas and innovations, which will help Carib World News to thrive. To allow for a positive change, we offer all our employees equal opportunity to upgrade themselves by carrying out educational sessions on a frequent basis. Our readers are important to us, so we make sure that their needs are completed satisfactorily. Our belief in presenting the genuine news pieces has always helped us to work with correctness and reach to the position of a well-accepted news platform among readers. We are an independent organization and do not believe in any type of bias. At the same time, we ensure that Carib World News platform is not misused in spreading any type of hatred or propaganda.

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Demetrius Lucero- | +1 229-947-0283

Judith Sheley- | +1 229-442-6085

Gordon McCoy- | +1 229-590-3614

Mildred Tunney- | +1 229-842-7968

General Email Addresses